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New audio for a new robot drawing

February 23, 2010

This past Saturday (Feb. 20, 2010), the Worth Ryder Gallery hosted a closing reception for the Cynosure show, which placed a solid collection of works from Bay Area galleries together under one roof. Peter and I kicked off the performances for the afternoon, with two robots drawing to about 25 minutes of bass loops and drones culled from recent studio works and arranged especially for this performance–a debut of completely original material. Generally the sound was more melodic, and “riffs” were more easily discernible, although washes of atmospheric loops under-girded much of the set. I kept the signal chain much simpler: two loop pedals in series plus the bass guitar, feeding to one input on Peter’s newest sound table, most recently deployed at the Interaction 10 Conference in Savannah, Georgia. Peter documented the set with video; when I get a copy I will post an excerpt here.

Following our performance, Mark Dukes read from his forthcoming book, which should be incredible when completed; Justin Hoover and Jonathan Grover revisited their Push Red Pull piece, integrating spoken word into the sparring and affecting Foucault’s robots; and two carrier pigeons were released into the early evening skies above Berkeley. My hat’s off to curator Anu Vikram for putting a great show together.

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