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Album Cover Artwork

October 22, 2012

Below are a couple of album covers I had the privilege of designing.

The first is hot off the presses, and presented my first opportunity to design for 12″ vinyl: Mission Statement by the San Francisco-based project Custom Built Empire. Having the finished product in my hands is incredible–a proper format for an excellent record. Listen here and consider picking up a copy from the limited edition. It also features liner notes designed by Todd, the guitarist and art director, with photographs by Lisa Galli Leach, but I’ve only included my contributions here. My favorite track: “Relentless.”

Front Cover for the album "Mission Statement" by Custom Built Empire

Front cover and spine

Back of album cover for "Mission Statement" by Custom Built Empire

Back over and spine

I should have posted about this next one a long time ago–they released the album in early 2011! It wasn’t until I was wrapping up my design for Mission Statement that I realized I had neglected to do so. These are friends of mine from Seattle–I played in a band with the drummer and the guitarist from 2002 to 2004. This more recent project, Consulate, disbanded when the bass player/vocalist moved to Indiana, which is too bad because they were really quite excellent. Below is the artwork for Feeding the Ducks, a compact disc release. You can listen to the album and learn more about the project here.

Feeding the Ducks by Consulate: front cover

Front cover

Feeding the Ducks by Consulate: CD cover insert


Feeding the Ducks by Consulate CD traycard


Feeding the Ducks by Consulate: CD face

CD face

Of course, you can see the artwork I’ve developed for my own sonic experiments on this page and on my bandcamp.

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